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Cub Design Story

What’s with the CUB?

We’re a Pride, Not a Herd

To us, the cub represents an inborn leader and Pathfinder, adaptable, strong and the ultimate team player.

We’re path creators – We’re a pride, not a herd.

So we don’t just follow the guy in front. We explore and inquire, helping you to pick not just the most scenic route – but the one which takes you somewhere worth going.

We work together

No egos, no rulers, no dirty politics.

We’re the ultimate team players. We share our inspirations, our insights, and our objectives. And we’ll share them with you too. Because when you work with cub, you’re a part of our pride.

Natural Symbiosis

The alliance is our forte. We consider the establishment of any successful assignment is integration and agreement between us and our clients. So we listen, guide, challenge and bring to life a shared vision with understanding and creativity.

Off Track Thinking

A blend of our deep sector understanding, uncompromised thinking, and out-of-the-box creativity indicate our clients the right direction in minimal finance. This creates a difference through engaging branding, disruptive digital experiences and powerful integrated campaigns.
Our specialists’ deep understanding of our clients’ sectors means we challenge thinking, inspire ambition, and deliver meaningful change across their organizations. In a world that is always changing, content-rich and visually crowded – we help our clients communicate their difference and stay ahead.

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Our Centers of Excellence

Engaging Branding
our creative teams in Pune connect award-winning ideas with proven brand results. Driving your business performance with strategic thinking, brand creation and cut-through messaging, we fuse these key elements together to create highly effective results.

Think Digitally
Cub’s digital wing bonds your brand and your audiences. Around the world, around the clock. We build unbroken brand experiences online, using strategy, engaging design and cutting-edge techniques across multiple platforms.

Integrated Campaigns
we can help transform your brand objectives into tangible benefits by elating your brand, promotion & stimulating dialogue. Researching, planning and executing integrated campaigns, we use cut-through ideas and creative.

Investigation & Autopsy
we also offer detailed analytics of your brand, website, and social media track. Reviewing your digital cleverness and relating your firm against your very next competitors.

Stuff we are good at


Strategic Branding

Innovative & future-oriented branding



Communicating the thought through graphics



Coding to build the digital presence



Tracking and understanding feedbacks

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